Isuzu Landscape TrucksIsuzu Landscape Truck

When your landscaping business relies on a dependable, versatile work truck, Isuzu is the ideal choice to upfit commercial landscaping trucks. Whether you choose an NPR, NRR, NQR or FTR, there are a variety of configurations, from dump body to open landscape, and a host of options like utility shelves, a power tool storage system, on-board fueling stations, backup cameras, a receiver hitch, tie downs and more.

And with a range of capabilities from Class 3 through 6, coupled with the versatility of multiple wheelbase offerings, body companies have an open canvas when designing specialized landscape dump truck bodies, box trucks and stake body and flat beds.

Options to Power Your Landscape or Lawn Care Business

The Isuzu landscaping dump truck offers not only a dump bed, stake body or fold down curb sides for easy access in residential areas, but different configurations with unique features such as tool storage, internal dividers that allow you to carry different materials in the same truck, and convenience options like trimmer, shovel, water cooler and blower racks, an underbody toolbox, fueling stations, and more.

Isuzu Landscape TruckChoose a landscape truck that works best for your needs:

  • Standard or crew cab options
  • Gas or diesel engine
  • Can accommodate bodies 10-30 feet long
  • Superior wheel cut angles and turning ability

Whether you’re carrying plants and shrubs, dirt, mulch or other landscaping essentials, Surgenor Truck Group can help you find or upfit the perfect landscaping truck to meet your needs. View our available inventory.