Mack Truck and Surgenor are committed to customers transitioning from diesel to electric fleets.

Mack Electric Trucks at Surgenor

Mack Trucks is showing the Canadian market its commitment to accelerating EV adoption. The commercial truck manufacturer is continuing to expand its Canadian footprint by heavily investing in their electric truck lineup and the supporting infrastructure. This dedication is positioning Mack Trucks as a leader in heavy-duty electric vehicles in the Canadian market. This strategy coincides with the Canadian government push to advance the heavy-duty truck EV adoption. In recent months, the Canadian government promised to invest $547.5 million in a new Transport Canada incentive program for medium and heavy-duty ZEVs. They also plan to invest over $199 million towards assessing fleets that desire to retrofit existing combustion trucks to zero emissions. $500 million is being dedicated to expanding the charging infrastructure for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.

Surgenor Truck Customers now have two Class-8 LR Electric models as options when transitioning to an electric fleet. Mack began production of its first LR electric truck in December 2021. The truck manufacturer has since been working to build out its supporting services for its customers making the transition to non-emitting fleets. The second generation LR electric truck is now available for order at Surgenor Truck. The latest model boasts a longer range 42% more energy says Mack Trucks.

Mack Trucks along with its dealer network is committed to helping Canadian customers manage the cost involved with purchasing electric vehicles. Vehicle-as-a-service (VaaS) is a subscription-based agreement that offers customers the flexibility of renting vehicles to better understand the costs and how to position these vehicles into their business model. This program lowers the risk for customers transitioning to electric widely used across the market from passenger to commercial vehicles. Mack Trucks has taken this program a step further by offering customers its own VaaS. This program will give business owners the ability to finance an electric truck over the course of a 5-year lease, and the option to renew at the end of the term.

This all-inclusive program includes the truck payment, taxes, and enrollment into Mack Ultra Service Agreement. This comprehensive service agreement includes scheduled maintenance, uptime services, roadside assistance, battery monitoring and battery performance guarantee.

Surgenor Truck staff recognizes customer use-case uncertainty can be a barrier to transitioning from diesel to electric. Surgenor OEM certified trained staff will utilize Mack Truck's latest range calculator to help fleets plan and build routes for the Mack LR electric truck based on the customer's specific variables. Mack plans to have reporting that can project the number of starts and stops the LR electric can complete for a given route using its past GPS data.

Surgenor Truck and its staff are preparing to best serve customers transitioning to electric fleets by achieving EV Certification status. This certification process includes passing a series of safety, charging, infrastructure, tooling and training prerequisites as well as facility upgrades.

Surgenor Truck and its staff are excited to become a fully certified Mack EV dealer to support Mack customers as the demand for electric continues to grow.