Cube Trucks for Sale in Kingston and Ottawa

When your business is moving or delivery, you need a truck that can do it all and haul it all. At Surgenor Truck Group in Kingston and Ottawa, out team of commercial truck experts can help you get behind the wheel of an Isuzu cube truck customized to meet your company’s needs. And with gross vehicle weight ratings between 12,000 and 25,950 pounds, there’s an Isuzu box truck for every kind of commercial hauling venture.

Whether you need oversized lift gates, barn or rollup doors, double curb-side doors for side ramping, a rear rollup door, the Isuzu NPR, NRR, NRR, NQR and FTR allow for these options and more. Make it easy for your crew to tie smaller items with e-track and apitong slats or select hardware that allows your moving crew to secure loads, reducing the chance of damage occurring as a result of shifting cargo.

Isuzu Trucks offer Maneuverability, Reliability and More Cargo Space 

Delivery and Moving Truck

Isuzu cube trucks are built to handle congested urban streets, with easy maneuverability, superior wheel cut angles and turning ability that allows optimal driver control and functionality. Additionally, low-cab forward trucks offer more Cab to Axle space compared to conventional cabs with equivalent wheelbases, allowing versatility in body sizes and up to 2-ft. longer bodies on equivalent wheelbases. From heavy furniture to boxes, rolls of carpet, company equipment and more, Isuzu is on your side when it comes to space.

Advantages of the Isuzu FTR for Moving Companies  

If moving is your business, not only is the Isuzu FTR perfect for urban environments, but it offers a dock-height bed, Class 6 hauling capabilities (25,950 gross vehicle weight rating), rear and/or sliding-side doors, liftgate options and ramps, and more room than the popular NPR trucks.

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