Surgenor Truck Readies to Meet The Needs of Volvo & Mack Electric Truck Customers


Volvo & Mack Electric Truck

Surgenor Truck Group is Taking Canada Further with Electric Trucks

May 20, 2022

Electric vehicles are no longer the wave of the future. They’re now becoming a reality, and Volvo and Mack dealers are leading the way in reducing the carbon footprint of fleets with zero emissions and longer-term environmental sustainability. To meet the needs of current and future electric truck owners, Surgenor Truck Group is installing a charging station and working to become a Volvo certified electric vehicle (EV) dealership. The Surgenor truck team is committed to investing in the latest technology and equipment to help EV fleets manage their down-time. The Ontario based dealership will leverage their extensive industry experience to assist customers with integrating the zero-emission models into their operations.

As a Volvo certified electric dealership, Surgenor will be prepared to consult with Canadian fleets to help them choose the right electric truck configuration for their transport needs. Unlike previous truck purchases, business owners will rely on Surgenor to guide them through the considerations when investing in charging infrastructure. The dealership will also assist with the education of available grants and incentives to offset the the costs of transitioning to EV trucks.

The dealership will leverage their extensive industry experience to assist Canadian customers with integrating the zero-emissions models into their business operations.

The Class 8 Mack LR Electric

Volvo Group’s American subsidiary Mack Trucks announced in early March it would be producing the next edition of the Mack LR Electric battery vehicle – the Class 8 Mack LR Electric.

This high-class work truck is a refuse model that not only combines power and reliability but durability with zero emissions, giving customers a more sustainable option when adding a new work truck to their fleet.

This new generation of trucks will have 42 percent more energy and a standard 376 kWh total battery capacity offering an increased range. It will feature twin electric motors, offer 448 continuous horsepower and 4,051lb.-ft peak output torque from zero RPM. The LR electric also has a two-speed Mack Powershift transmission, Mack mRide suspension, and Mack’s proprietary S462R 46,000-pound rear axles.

By adding an LR Electric to your fleet, you can reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint, giving both you and the world a cleaner future. An added bonus: you’ll save time and money, as the LR Electric requires no oil changes, fuel, or after treatment systems.

Volvo Electric Trucks

Globally, Volvo Trucks has set the target that half of all trucks sold are electric by 2030. Volvo Trucks North America continues to lead in the deployment of sustainable Class 8 zero-tailpipe emission vehicles for the trucking industry with its Volvo VNR Electric model.

Volvo announced earlier this year that production of the enhanced Volvo VNR Electric model will begin in the second quarter and feature an up to 85% improvement in range, faster charging, and even more configurations for heavy-duty transport.

The first generation of Volvo VNR Electric had an operating range of up to 240 km (150 miles). The enhanced version will have an operational range of up to 440 km (275 miles), along with increased energy storage of up to 565kWh. The improved performance was partially attributed to a new six battery package option.

The new Volvo VNR Electric also reduces the required charging time, as the 250kW charging capability provides an 80% charge in 90 minutes for the six-battery package, and 60 minutes for the four-battery version.

Volvo Trucks has added two new configurations to its VNR Electric lineup, including a 6x4 straight truck and a 6x4 tractor, which join three existing models: 4x2 tractor, 6x2 tractor, and single-axle straight truck.

“Each Volvo VNR Electric configuration is designed for applications and drive cycles with local and regional distribution ranges, including food and beverage, drayage, and pick-up and delivery routes,” Volvo said in its announcement.

Add an Electric Mack or Volvo Commercial Truck to Your Fleet

At Surgenor Truck Group, we want to support our customers with innovative sustainable solutions to power their businesses.

With locations in both Ottawa and Kingston, our team of certified truck experts is here to help you find an electric truck that’s right for you. Contact us today!