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Surgenor Truck Group has been a family-owned and operated company for more than 30 years. During that time, we expanded our presence in Kingston and Ottawa, and we have built a solid reputation as experts in the commercial truck industry.  
Isuzu Dump and Dry Van Body Trucks for sale in Ottawa & Kingston

The foundation of our reputation centers on offering reliable, hard-working, and long-lasting Isuzu trucks that will endure with your company. Whether you need a street sweeper, landscape dump truck, car carrier or one of the numerous refrigerated and dry van bodies, Isuzu has a truck to fit your needs. With features like best-in-class visibility and maneuverability, combined with low cost of ownership, we have no doubt that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with the NPR, NQR, NRR and FTR models. Shop our available inventory.


Isuzu Trucks — Simply Better for Your Business

Isuzu has a range of capabilities, coupled with the versatility of multiple wheelbase offerings, which has given body companies an open canvas when designing specialized bodies. GVWRs range from 12,000 lbs. to 25,950 lbs., and the design can accommodate body lengths from 10 to 30 ft. Both the Isuzu diesel and gas powertrains are among the top of their class in durability and fuel efficiency. 


Isuzu Low Cab Forward Design

Compared to conventional cab trucks, vans and cutaways, the Isuzu low cab forward design accommodates up to two feet more body and delivers an array of benefits every owner can appreciate. From a lower cost of ownership to more available cargo space on the same wheelbase and powerful, economic, and long-lasting diesel and gas powertrains, Isuzu trucks are a smart investment for any business application.

Isuzu Low Cab Forward

Other key benefits include:

  • Design flexibility — Each Isuzu truck comes with the cab and chassis. From there, design options are endless. You can select a box or bed depending on your individual needs, along with a standard 3-seat cab or a crew cabin, which accommodates up to seven passengers.
  • Convenient access to the engine compartment — With their engines fully covered by the cab, cabover engine trucks have robust and reliable built-in cab tilt systems. This integral component tilts the entire cab forward, allowing quick and easy access to the engine for maintenance and repair. 
  • Easy entry and exit — With an 85-degree door swing, grab handles, and entry step, Isuzu makes entering and exiting any Isuzu commercial truck a breeze. 
  • Increased fuel economy — Isuzu trucks have the level of engineering required to increase fuel efficiency and reliability that other truck brands can’t offer. 
  • Engine options — No matter your business or what you’re carrying, Isuzu has the perfect powertrain. Let the experts at Surgenor Truck Group help you select the perfect engine to power your business.  

High-Quality, Safety and Reliability You Can Count On

When you choose Isuzu, you can count on your work truck to be reliable, safe and being built to last. Isuzu trucks are top of the class in quality and safety measurements like visibility, maneuverability, and reliability. No matter your business, you need work trucks that will do more while costing less to operate, which is exactly what Isuzu offers.  

Key benefits include: 

Remarkable maneuverability 

Maneuverability is one of Isuzu’s design philosophies, and with a 49.5-degree wheel-cut angle, Isuzu trucks allow for a tighter turning radius than its competitors. Isuzu trucks are perfect for urban delivery/moving, residential lawn care, pest control companies and a host of other vocations that require maneuvering in congested cities or tight residential streets.

Isuzu Truck Turning Diameter

Outstanding visibility 

Because the driver sits above the wheels in an Isuzu Low Cab Forward Truck, there is less truck in front of the cab. This gives more visibility compared to traditional cab trucks, making the truck easier to drive and increasing safety.  Drivers can see the ground within 8 ft. in front of the truck. 

Isuzu truck Visibility


Isuzu trucks are put to the test every day, from the harsh environments of construction to the stop-n-go of home delivery. Owner-operators and fleet managers throughout Ontario prefer Isuzu trucks. Decades of performance and millions of kilometers of reliability have made Isuzu a leader in the medium-duty segment. 


With multiple wheelbases and body upfit options, Isuzu low cab forward trucks have more cab to axle space compared to conventional cab trucks. This allows for more space in the body and the potential to carry more cargo. It also gives more options when up fitting the bed of the truck. In almost all cases Isuzu Trucks include two feet of additional space in the body compared to a traditional body truck. Let the professionals at Surgenor Truck Group help you design your next truck.

Warranty and Service Programs  

The best low cab forward truck is backed by unrivaled product and customer support, a best-in-class warranty and more: