New Volvo Trucks

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Surgenor Truck Volvo VN 780VN 780

The aerodynamic VN 780 will change your impression of how a long-haul truck should look, ride and handle. The raised roof is tall enough for a person 6'10" to stand upright, and the massive 77" sleeper cab offers exceptional space efficiency. There’s room for every amenity to make you feel at home. And with its fully insulated cab, the interior is as quiet as many passenger cars––even at high speeds.

But behind the 780’s sleek curves and comfortable interior is a truck that means business. Not only will its nimble handling get you from loading dock to loading dock with ease, it’ll do so with fewer fuel stops along the way.

Surgenor Truck Volvo VN 730VN 730

If the VN 730 had a middle name, it would be “workhorse.” This aerodynamic mid-roof sleeper delivers over-the-road performance that’s perfect for flatbeds, tankers and a wide range of demanding cross-country applications.

If your routes call for extra muscle, specify your VN 730 with our mighty D16 engine. And for optimum performance, fuel economy and driving ease, add Volvo’s I-Shift transmission. There’s plenty of room
in the handsomely appointed cab, plus a full-size lower bed with upper bunk/storage options. With all its power and comfort, the VN 730 makes any route shorter, more enjoyable and more productive.

Surgenor Truck Volvo VN 670VN 670

Ask anyone at the truck stop what they know about Volvo trucks, and you’ll get the same enthusiastic answers. Smooth, quiet ride. Great value. Lots of comfort. Plenty of power. Welcome to the Volvo VN 670. It’s the truck of choice for regional and long-haul routes.

Everything about the VN 670 contributes to a better driver experience. Lots of physical comfort, thanks to a 61" raised roof cab with 264 cubic feet of sleeper space. And mental comfort, knowing you’ve got all the visibility, maneuverability and dependability you’ll need.

The VN 670’s advanced climate control system maintains a perfect temperature inside. And you’ll appreciate the microwave, refrigerator and TV/VCR options. From its aerodynamic design to its advanced steering, the VN 670 earns its reputation every day.

Surgenor Truck Volvo VN 630VN 630

Ready for a sleeper that can drive your business forward? You can’t do better than the VN 630. No matter what you’re hauling, the VN 630 will help you arrive on time, under budget and well rested.

Thanks to a spacious cab and mid-height roof, the VN 630 has plenty of room for both stand-up and sit-down comfort. The handling and maneuverability make it a dream to drive, whether you’re on the open highway or watching for curbs. And it’s loaded with driver-friendly features and innovations, including an overall operating cost that’s consistently low.

The sleeper is available with two full-size bunks and lots of storage. The ride is exceptionally smooth and quiet. And a wealth of safety features lets you feel well taken care of, mile after mile. Best of all, every VN 630 is built to a demanding quality level that ensures durability and lasting value. For weight-conscious regional bulk or specialty routes, this truck really knows the territory.

Surgenor Truck Volvo VN 430VN 430

Need a lightweight truck with heavy-duty performance? Our mid- and long-hood 430 models give you two choices that are right on the money. With plenty of room and lots of driver-friendly features, these short-haul sleepers are long on comfort and strong on maneuverability and dependability.

Both the VNL 430 and VNM 430 are designed for regional routes that may require spending only a night or two on the road before heading home. Visibility is a key attribute here, thanks to an expansive, one-piece windshield and sloped hood that deliver an unsurpassed view of your surroundings. Projection headlights emit a more focused beam to help you see farther down the road at night. And with the ample 42" sleeper and bunk, each 430 is quite comfortable––from entry to exit and every mile in between.

Surgenor Truck Volvo VNL 300 VNM 200VNL 300 & VNM 200

Looking for a short-haul truck that’s long on power and maneuverability? Here are two perfect choices. The VNL 300 and VNM 200 are Volvo daycabs designed for regional bulk and specialty hauling. Both feature superb visibility and handling, with a 50-degree wheel cut that allows for the sharpest turns in tight situations.

With the low dash and instrument cluster conveniently placed, all diagnostic information is kept right in front where you need it most. Switch panels are an easy reach. And if ease and agility aren't enough, the aerodynamic styling is sleek and sharp.

Trucking today is all about service and dependability. With these versatile daycabs, you’ll be right on schedule in a reliable truck that’s at home driving across town or across the state.

Surgenor Truck Volvo VHD 430VHD 430

The VHD 430 is designed to operate at the highest level of dependability, maneuverability and payload capacity. It’s built for
nonstop performance in extreme weather, rugged terrain and crowded job sites. With all its power and efficiency, the VHD 430 can help your operation run easier, faster and more profitably every day.

But not all vocational assignments are day jobs. That’s why the VHD 430 features an innovative sleeper berth, for applications where an occasional over-nighter means the difference between staying on schedule or falling behind.

The Volvo VHD is designed to protect you and your payload. It features a High-Strength Steel cab, three-point seat belts and driver-side air bag. Plus it comes standard with a host of heavy-duty safety systems for added peace of mind.

The best handling under the worst conditions. Plus the convenience and economy of a sleeper. The VHD 430 is setting new standards in the heavy-duty industry. Which makes it an easy choice for your next work truck

Surgenor Truck Volvo VHDVHD

You told us what you wanted. And we listened. The result is the Volvo VHD—the finest vocational truck you can own. We looked at every part of the vocational business from your perspective. Then we built the toughest possible truck from the strongest components and made sure it was reliable and easy to service.

A spacious cab makes life more comfortable and productive for the driver, with extra room between seats and plenty of storage for personal gear. Superior insulation and soundproofing keeps the cab
as quiet as most passenger cars, and doors are double sealed to keep out water, wind and noise. Working under bad conditions? Bring it on. Your VHD can handle it.