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Volvo Trucks Introduces New Mobile App for ASIST Service Management Platform

Volvo owners using the Volvo ASIST service management platform can now access essential case information through the new Volvo ASIST mobile app. Volvo ASIST is a web-based tool that allows customers to monitor vehicle status, receive electronic estimates, approve repairs, issue purchase orders, and communicate directly with Volvo Trucks’ North American dealer network. With the power of the platform literally in the palm of their hands, key decision-makers can now communicate while on-the-go directly with dealer service personnel and Volvo Action Service agents at Volvo’s Uptime Center, facilitating faster decisions and greater vehicle uptime.

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3 Reasons to Practice Suspension Preventative Maintenance

The suspension systems on today’s trucks are lighter — and tougher — than ever before. And that’s good news for fleet owners and the industry in terms of reduced fuel use and longer maintenance intervals.

But because new truck suspensions are so dependable, some fleets have been lulled into thinking that they don’t need routine inspection or maintenance. In other words, torque rods, bushings and other suspension components don’t get much attention unless a driver complains about comfort or handling, or if tire patterns on a vehicle show signs of excessive or premature wear.


The New Volvo VNR: An Improved Short-Haul Truck for the Future

This last spring, Volvo demonstrated their new Volvo VNR at ExpoCam in Montreal, which brought considerable excitement about their popular short-haul truck. The VNR is a huge improvement from Volvo's old VNM trucks that became a major mainstay in trucking for well over two decades.

So what makes the VNR stand out from the classic VNM? It's already being described as the future of regional hauling. Much of this comes in bringing more productivity, efficiency, quality, and unique amenities.


The New I-See Predictive Cruise Control from Volvo Trucks

Volvo Group acquired Mack back in 2000, and since then they have had a significant share of the 18-wheeler market. Volvo Trucks is working to bring new innovations and technology to the trucking market to improve safety and performance. Available this year is the new I-See Predictive Cruise Control. The developer of I-See, Anders Eriksson explains that using this technology, "The truck knows the gradients of the road ahead, so it tells the engine and the I-Shift transmission how to maximize the truck’s kinetic energy, save fuel and reduce CO2."